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Botanical Garden of Chernivtsi National University

Botanical Garden of Chernivtsi National University

To visit the tropics, not necessarily to go to Africa - visit Botanical Garden Chernivtsi natsuniversiteta . There is a greenhouse, where it grows 920 species of tropical plants.

Botanical Garden in Chernivtsi - one of the oldest in Ukraine - is reserved object. It was built during the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1877. Seedlings imported from Austria . Created a garden for 11 years. Here is preserved white poplar planted his own first director of the botanical garden - the Austrian professor Edward Tangle.

Later in the botanical garden of steel plant and plants typical of Bukovina. Now in this majestic park has parkovedeniya separation, Dendrology, tropical and subtropical plants, herbaceous plants.

Come in a botanical garden in the spring when the plants are awakening from the winter sleep and the world is its beauty. You will enjoy the pink and white flowering magnolias, bright colors of tulips, lilies of the valley fragrance.

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