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Lviv Theater Resurrection

Lviv Theater Resurrection

Lviv Theatre "Resurrection" is in a building built in 1912 and occupies part of the ground floor. This is the new building on Grigorenko Square in Lviv (the first of its historical name - Jesuit). It is built in the style of a modernized baroque architect Joseph Pontkovskogo.

In 1918, in the house, which is now the theater, was a passage Gruner and cinema "Marysieńka", named in honor of Louise Maria Kazimiera, wife of King Jan III Sobieski of Poland. Cinema was designed for 600 spectators and was considered comfortable. In 1941 the building was a theater of miniatures, as in Soviet times - "Moscow" cinema, then a children`s cinema "Pioneer".

Lviv Spiritual academic theater "Resurrection", continuing a long-standing cultural traditions that prevailed in the building on the street Grigorenko, was founded in 1990 by young actors and quickly gained popularity. His repertoire includes 190 performances, the troupe has toured many countries. Since 1992, on the basis of the theater festival of "Golden Lion", which today is international.

On the square Grigorenko, where the theater "Resurrection", and you will see the monument to Yuri Holy Zmeebortsu erected in honor of the dead policemen.


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