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Vintage Pine Alley, loose

Vintage Pine Alley, loose

Loose - a small village in Chernihiv region, but there is something to see. For example, old Christmas alley.

Age of trees has about 100 years. Earlier, there were a hundred trees walkway European spruce. To this day dostoyaly only 77 trees, whose height is about 30 meters. Tree with a dense crown, so even in the hottest sunny day is always overcast and cool.

Old Christmas alley led to the monastery caves that are dug on the slopes of ravines and gullies. Now alley Botanical monument of local importance and is protected by law.

If you come in loose, we recommend you walk Mezynskym Natural Park with its ancient oaks, each of which has its own legend and visit the local archaeological museum .

How to get to the mall

To get the best rural loose on your own car. On the track P12 Chernihiv- Hrem`yach turn on Avdiyivka , pass Ponornytsyu and a few kilometers is the final destination. You can also go to the bus station Chernihiv (Victory Avenue, 3; tel. (04622) 67-84-31) or Carp (street Chernihiv, 4, tel. (04655) 2-13-42) to Ponornytsi bus and go on to turn loose .

Christmas in Old alley loose is close to St. Michael`s desert-Ryhlivskoho monastery .

Tours and excursions

Зачарована Десна
Пізнайте дивовижну Чернігівщину! Особливо зачаровує це місце під час розливу Десни. Під час цього одноденного туру ви зможете: відвідати Мезинський національний природний парк, де була виявлена одна із стоянок давнього палеоліту; прогулятися по лабіринтам серед ярів; побачити на власні очі одну з найчистіших річок у всій Європі.
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