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Cafe L`Pie

Cafe L`Pie

Cafe "plyatski Lviv" in Lviv - a wonderful place where you can taste the most delicious plyatski around Lviv. Besides, it is not just a cafe, but in addition also a bakery, which is located behind clear glass in front of visitors. Every visitor can observe how easily and fast skillful bakers prepare delicious pies unique.

Zest Cafe is that all visitors, tourists and even the street can contemplate the baking process from dough to direct the finished dish.

What plyatski

Plyatskami called all sorts of pastry, similar in appearance and taste characteristics with strudel and cheesecakes. Lviv plyatski came from Poland. According to ancient recipes such yummy baked the whole pan, then cut into slices. Thus obtained compact savory and sweet culinary masterpieces, which today delight in welcoming all visitors to the cafe "Lviv plyatski."

Variety menu

The cafe is always a choice of at least four kinds of strudel and cheesecakes, two of which are sweet, and the two - salty. The most popular is the strudel with sweet, slightly sour cherry strudel with fragrant and salmon.

But there are different filling: how apple, poppy seeds, raisins and chicken, mushrooms. Cheesecakes are also two types: wet and dry. For any order food in the cafe served free sauce. For example, cream Pickles can be enjoyed with strudel stuffed with salmon and spinach. The sweet sauce is a small assortment of vanilla, chocolate and berries. In hot weather, vendors offer as toppings to add to the sweet pastry cream.

Where is the cafe "Lviv plyatski"

Cafe "plyatski Lviv" is situated in the city center, opposite the famous City Hall , where the tourists reside. On the market square , where a lot of interesting places to get lost unless among people - they are an incredible amount in a day.

There is a historical museum, the Black Kamenica , Palace Kornyakta Italian courtyard, a few museums that are literally next to each other. To get to the Market Square simple tasks - from the station always goes first tram and a lot of minibuses.

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