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Mountain Dragobrat

Mountain Dragobrat

The mighty Carpathian mountains, shrouded in mystery and beech forests ancestors, attracted to more than one tourist. Mountain Dragobrat is no exception. The greatness of this top is amazing. Dozens of daredevils from all over the world come to conquer the summit and enjoy the excellent ski slopes.

O woe Drahobrat

Dragobat located in Rakhiv region Transcarpathian region. Mount entwine two rivers - Kosovo and Black Tisa. They feed on the mountain streams, falling down from the top of Dragobrat.

The height of the mountains more than 1,700 meters. Two of the slope is very steep, but the north and south are relatively flat. Therefore, the rise of the hill will be interesting for both novice and professional climbers.

Foot of the mountain is covered with pine forest. In summer it grows a lot of berries. But the fall season comes fragrant fungi. Great vacation on the background of beautiful nature and crystal air is provided to you. But the top of the mountain is a spacious poloninu. The aroma of mountain herbs brings a special romantic mood.

What is interesting on the mountain

Gore is a part of Carpathian Reserve. Among other things, on the mountain grows a lot of rare plants, some of which are listed as endangered. It is also interesting to watch the wild animals that live on the slopes of the mountain.

Lovers of ski kinds of entertainment on the northeast slope of waiting for the ski resort "Dragobrat". Slopes suitable for all.

Getting there

From Uzhgorod and Lviv can be reached by train or their own transport. Follow to the village of Yassin. For further stage of the journey is better to use the services of a guide. Hike to the mountain has many popular Carpathian routes.

Find accommodation in Rakhiv district here.

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