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Dovbush Rocks, Yaremche

Dovbush Rocks, Yaremche

Ukrainian land renowned for brave men, ready to do anything for the sake of freedom and justice. One of these heroes - Alex Dovbush. A closer look at this character, visit the rock Dovbush. The complex is located in the village of rocks Bubnyshche, near Yaremche.

The history of the rocks Dovbush

Once the territory of rocks spilled Sea. Waves gave cliffs bizarre forms and shapes. Because of its peculiar type of rock has always been at the center of people`s attention.

Please rocks Dovbush used our heathen ancestors as sanctuary. There were sacrifices and observing celestial bodies. With the advent of Christianity began to come here monks hermits in search of the true meaning of life and comprehension of life.

But the interesting rocks were not only in the religious sense. The strategic location and the construction of fortifications are a few in his time helped the Galician prince to repel the attacks of the Tatar-Mongol. But most of these places are glorified Alex Dovbush, the leader of the movement opryshky. Rocks become a real home for him and his troops. Here were stored supplies, mining, heavy fighting took place. Today, therefore, the complex takes its name.

Description rocks Dovbush

Dovbush Rocks are a whole range of mountains and caves connected flowery paths and steps. Located at the height of the cliff more than 600 meters. You can stroll through the complex and carefully consider every cave, look inside. Some are so unusual that even got a nickname. Here you can better feel the spirit of the times, present a picture of the past.

Stone Dovbusha

One of the most striking elements is the stone of rocks Dovbush. He allegedly threw a palace of the rich, and then put here as a symbol of strength and independence. To him is the legendary "trail Dovbush". Dovbush Rocks coexist with mountain range Gorgan.

How to get to the rocks

From Yaremche You can take a ride on the shuttle bus to the village Bubnyshche. You can also reach by car. You will need to overcome some 7 kilometers. Right at the entrance to the village, you will see the rocks Dovbush.

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