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Kolochava, Mizhhirs'kyi district

Ukrainian village Kolochava located in a picturesque valley Mizhgirya district, Transcarpathian region, near Lake Sinevir . The village, founded in the 15th century, has become a unique Transcarpathian area of ​​nature. Amazing mountain scenery, fresh air, mineral waters and hospitality of local residents have long attracted a lot of visitors Kolochava.


This is one of the most important eco-friendly places in Ukraine. Peaks surrounding the village, covered with spruce and beech forests, rich in diverse flora and fauna.


Kolochava runs through many tourist routes. Many of the local attractions are unique, as well as the village itself. Writer Ivan Olbracht, admiring Kolochava, described it in his works, "Nikolai Shugay - robber", "Marika-nevernitsa" and "Goleta Valley."


There is here and its ancient monuments. The presence of prehistoric man in the territory Kolochava shows kolochavsky Nucleus. Another archaeological heritage - stone loschilo as proof of residence in the Kolochava Dacian settlement from the Roman period. One should visit the 18th-century wooden church - Holy Spirit church . A fishing fans will appreciate the Trout ponds . On this farm you can try to catch trout yourself.


In view of the fact that Kolochava remained under the rule of different states, we locals visitors difficult to understand. It formed a very unusual dialect consisting of German, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian and Russian words. But the warm-heartedness kolochavtsev can understand without words. There are always welcome.


The extraordinary culture colorful Kolochava is another milestone in its popularity. One of the biggest deposits of mineral waters of Ukraine is in Kolochava. The source of mineral water "Kolochava" attracts a lot of tourists from all over the country for its healing properties.


Roads Kolochava communicates with Sinevir and Drahovo through Prislop pass the villages of Ust-Chorna, Bedelya and oak.

Find out more about Kolochava in the IGotoWorld special project about unique villages.


Photos in the article: Eugene Naryvsky IGotoWorld Photo Group.

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