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Sorochynsky Fair Field

Sorochynsky Fair Field

Sorochinskaya Fair thanks to product Nikolai Gogol became a kind of personification of Ukrainian culture and traditions. Field Sorochinskaya Fair is one of the largest trade fair and exhibition places of Ukraine. Here you can buy unique and scarce things. This action took place at least five times a year.

Fame Sorochinskaya Fair has long gone beyond the borders of Ukraine, millions of foreign visitors attend this unique event. Today Fair is held once a year, in August. Coming to Sorochyntsi, guests can purchase a variety of souvenirs, made by the finest craftsmen of Ukraine, as well as get acquainted with the traditions of the Ukrainian people in the folklore and ethnographic area. On the territory of the fair, you can see models of traditional windmills, wooden huts and other buildings. Also, guests are strongly advised to look at the farm near Dikanki , see theatrical and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the gay life farm.

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Свій «Октоберфест»: у Сорочинцях пройде пивний ярмарок
У наступному році українців чекає свій аналог відомого німецького фестивалю «Октоберфест» – Національний ярмарок пива. Тільки його проведення заплановане не на жовтень, а на червень 2018 року. Організатором виступить ТОВ «Сорочинський ярмарок»
Results Sorochintsy Fair 2016
Traditionally, late summer is the Poltava Fair. The official opening took place earlier in the week, but the main celebration awaiting visitors at the weekend. This year the fair is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine. It took part in more than...
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