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Transfiguration Cathedral, Chernihiv

Transfiguration Cathedral, Chernihiv

In Chernihiv are so many interesting attractions, one of which is the Transfiguration Cathedral.

The story of the Transfiguration Cathedral

The Cathedral has a long history and is one of the oldest monuments in Ukraine. Construction of the shrine was begun in the 11th century. The original appearance of the building is very different from its modern appearance. You can see the changes of the temple, beating him on all sides.

Shrine combines elements of Romanesque basilica. The temple has a Byzantine cross-domed type of structure. Its walls are built of natural stone, a combination of materials can be explained not only by the mixed type of construction of the temple, but its restructuring in the period of almost a thousand years of history, dating back to 1036.

The next point in the life of the spiritual shrine associated with the name of Svyatoslav Yaroslavich. At that time, it was reconstructed. The walls of the temple were raised, has undergone a change and the appearance of the facade, he and other architectural elements, absorbed the traditions of stone architecture of his contemporaries.

Scientists believe it was buried Prince Igor, which is mentioned in the text of the chronicle "The Tale of Igor`s Campaign". In 1246 the temple was delivered to the relics of the martyrs - Prince Michael and Boyar Fyodor in his court. After more than 300 years, the shrine was taken to Moscow by Tsar Ivan the Terrible.

Interesting facts about the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral

The interior of the Cathedral of the Transfiguration combines many elements of different styles. All of this is explained by a terrible fire and the battle that wiped out the true appearance of the temple and caused his recovery. In 1239 the cathedral was partly destroyed and looted the Mongol-Tatar troops.

In 1675 the church was restored under the leadership of Bishop Lazarus Baranovichi, but in 1750 the building was severely damaged in a fire which wiped from its walls surviving old Russian frescoes and completely changed the interior of the church, returned the shrine in 1783.

The reconstruction of the cathedral is linked with the name of Potemkin, who was passing through Chernigov and became interested in the history of the majestic temple, whose appearance has been virtually erased centuries of history and a strong fire. Potemkin ordered to restore the cathedral, in the course of repairs to the church building were added spiky towers that allow you to compare the building with the church.

Over the 900 years since its founding the church he belonged to the Chernigov diocese. The modern history of the church begins with 1818, when the artist J. Yurinov painted oil wall inside the cathedral, depicting scenes from the life of the church, saints and historical events. In 1891, the dome of the Cathedral were gilded. The original gilding still adorns the building. In Soviet times, the cathedral was converted into a museum of local history, some time later returned to the church building. Today the temple is deystvuyuschim.On the center of social and spiritual life of the residents.

How to get to the Transfiguration Cathedral

The cathedral is located in the historic city center on the shaft Chernigov . To get to it, you can, driving along the Gorky street or standing at a bus stop at the intersection of the Transfiguration and Prospect Mira.

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