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Buchach, Buchats'kyi district

Buchach considered one of the most unique cities in Ukraine and seeks to consolidate the status of historical and architectural reserve.

Administrative information

  • Buchach - center Buchach district, Ternopil region.
  • The population totals about 12,514 people. The largest percentage of the population are residents Buchach Ukrainian nationality.
  • Postal code: 48400-48405.
  • Telephone code: + 380-3544.
  • Reference number of the city: 0 (35) 99-109-11.

City history

The exact date of the founding of Buchach not installed. With regard to this is a lot of discussion and there are different opinions of scientists: some believe that the city was founded in 1260, others believe that in 1397. However, the very first mention in the written evidence of the city is dated 1260 year.

Back in the 5th century BC Herodotus mentioned the quiet life hermitages in the area. Then it began to develop neuro, Veneds, Sarmatians, Roksolana, Tyvertsi, Croats, Dulebs - in general, many tribes visited the lands Buchach before the Ukrainian people came here and stayed for many centuries.

Major historical events:

  • The first written sources mention of Buchach Gabriel, who was sent to the Polish nobleman Paprotsky.
  • In 1393, the city of Buchach was granted Magdeburg right, which soon came under Polish law, and then, in 1515, the city finally consolidated its Magdeburg Law.
  • In "History of Ukraine-Rus" Hrushevsky of Buchach said as a city where there was a victorious battle troops Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Polish troops.
  • In 1865 in Buchach massive fire occurred during which destroyed not only architectural monuments and old buildings, but the most important documents and archives.

Photo Source: risu.org.ua.

Where does the name of the city

City Name there for a reason. There are several versions:

1. One of the earliest and most common version says that the city`s name is derived from the word "Bucha" (Old Slavic origin), which means "water in the early spring period."

2. Another version suggests that the name came from the beech forests that grew in ancient times in the city.

3. Supporters another version says that the name is derived from Old-word "Butch", which translates as "proud" and "unapproachable" that was characteristic of the city itself throughout its history.

Be sure to visit

Attractions in Buchach lot. Among them are worth mentioning:

1. The ruins of the castle, which was built in 14-17 centuries - is one of the most ancient and important historical monuments Buchach.

Photo Source: zabytki.in.ua.

2. Buchach City Hall - a masterpiece, located in the city center. Without images Hall no cost, no adware publication.

3. Nicholas Church - a unique building, built by the type of Ukrainian church trykonhovoho type Moldovan konhovymy semicircle - concha.

4. History Museum, which presents interesting exhibits. The museum is the layout Buchach castle.

5. Basilian monastery - a large complex of buildings, stands on a hill. Were completely restored.

Photo Source: zabytki.in.ua.

Famous personalities who were associated with the city

  • Shmuel Yosef Agnon - known Jewish writer who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.
  • Nazaruk Joseph - writer, author of the novel "Roksolana".
  • Pylatjuk Games - People`s Artist of Ukraine, rector of the Lviv National Music Academy.
  • Kobylyansky Julian - the father of the famous Ukrainian writer Olga Kobylianska.

City Transportation

You can move around the city or buses and minibuses or taxis.

The city has a bus station, which is between the "black bridge" and the eastern part of the historic Buchach, Galician outdoors.Station made interregional bus services to Lviv, Chernivtsi, Kamenetz-Podolsk, Khmelnytsky and Ivano-Frankivsk.

Transit flights traveling to Kyiv, Odessa. Warsaw, Lutsk, Truskavets.

Railway Station Buchach is located in the western part of the city.

Accommodation Buchach

Hotels in the city virtually none. But you can stay in a hotel and entertainment complex "Buchach", which is located in the suburbs. Approximate price range from 170 USD per night.

Mostly tourists renting apartments. Apartments in Buchach can rent by the day, and it is very convenient and budget (from UAH 300 and above). Many hotels are located along routes or near villages. For example, you can stay in the hotel "Mandry" in the village Pidzamochok. To get from the hotel to the city of Buchach not hard - commuter buses.

Buchach is a unique city-museum. So consider it and the locals, and tourists who visit the unique architectural masterpieces.

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