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Geographical center of Europe, Museum kolyba

Geographical center of Europe, Museum kolyba

The village is located in the Business Rakhiv region. It is considered one of the main attractions of Transcarpathia, because in this place is the geographical center of Europe. The very first monument was established here in the mid 19th century. Here for decades tend to get tourists from different countries to see where the lines connecting different points of our continent.

Today on the roadside Mukachevo-Rohatyn Center Europe marked the two-meter column, created in the 70s of the last century. Nearby is another monument, which was designed by a little later - in the first years of Ukrainian independence. This monumental panel that reports to passing the significance of this section of the road. For the convenience of motorists along the highway has a small parking lot.

By visiting this interesting place, you can also see the location on a hillside memorial signs, telling about the history of Ukraine, the traditions of the Transcarpathian region, its unique flora and fauna.

For those wishing to relax amidst the amazing local forests on the picturesque glade undeveloped cozy gazebo, and in the pine forest has a spring with crystal clear healthy water. In addition, the village has four churches. Visit the wooden church of the Assumption, built in the distant 1750.

Another interesting object located in the village of Business, is the Museum KOLYBA. It is unique in that there is a huge collection of exhibits telling about the life of the local population in different eras. In the museum you will see a variety of household items, clothes, dishes, utensils, souvenirs. Here you can taste the famous Hutsul cuisine prepared by skilled chefs Transcarpathian. During a trip to Rakhovsky area, you will also have the opportunity to taste the delicious bread, which has been famous local bakery.

Business village is 190 kilometers from the city of Uzhhorod and at a distance of 140 kilometers from Ivano-Frankivsk. Several times a day from the regional center of Transcarpathia go here taxis and buses. The ride from the bus station to the village of Uzhgorod Business will take approximately 5.5 hours.

Given that the village is located just 50 kilometers from the Ukrainian-Romanian border, then on the opposite bank of the local river Tisza can see the Romanian village Vishivska Valley. If you are lucky, you will hear how the locals were talking across the river on a particular Transcarpathian dialect.

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