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Monastyrsky (Komsomolsky) Island

Monastyrsky (Komsomolsky) Island

One of the many islands in the Dnieper River - The monastery - is shrouded in mystery and legend. A small island that you can easily get around on foot up and down, in the center of Dnepropetrovsk and is part of the PA and pKa m. T. W Evchenko . The road to it - a real pleasure, because the way is through the pedestrian bridge over the Dnieper, to which you can get out either through the old park or along the picturesque waterfront.

The name of the island is associated with a Byzantine monastery, which, according to legend, was located here in the middle of the 13th century and was destroyed by the Tatar-Mongols. In Soviet times, the island was officially called "Komsomolskaya", nothing about monks and churchmen are not reminded. But if you visit the island park now, you really will see the church there. However, not Byzantine and modern - Church of St.. Nicholas appeared in 1999. White little church is crowned golden dome. Near it you will see a cross. There is a legend that it was at this point in the I century his cross found the Apostle Andrew.

Today the island - a favorite place of citizens and guests. Long sandy beaches attract tourists in the hot season of the year. There is also the cozy cafes and attractions where kids amuse themselves. Parents are happy to spend leisure time with the kids, because the island is a zoo and aquarium . More recently, in 2013, there have built an artificial waterfall , which falls on the picturesque cliffs in the Dnieper.

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