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King-oak loose

King-oak loose

In Mezynskomu national park grows old oak survivor, which locals call "King-oak". But this is not the only tree in this mesistsevosti which beyond 100 years. Near the village of loose is old spruce alley where the age of the tree has more than one hundred years. It leads to the old monastic caves.

Interesting Facts

  • The oldest oak-believe King. He even 800 years. It grows in the reserve "Ryhlivska cottage" that in the Mezynskoho National Park. Here you can also find oak Mazepa and hollow oak, which has over 500 years.
  • The dimensions are impressive oak. Circumference of the tree is six and a half meters!
  • According to legend, a king-oak watched commander Aleksandr Menshikov, an imperial army, which pursued the Swedish army and Cossacks Mazepa.
  • In 2010, the competition was held "National Tree Ukraine." Of the 50 oldest trees of our country Tsar village of Oak loose recognized aesthetically valuable wood. In this category he won 3rd place.

How to get to the Tsar Oak

If you are coming from Chernihiv , move to the R12 highway Avdeevki . We pass the village expires Ponornytsyu and drive to the village of loose. With Ponornytsi Chernihiv to ride buses.

Tsar is located in the Oak Park.

You can also visit Mezynskyy archaeological museum and the old St. Nicholas desert-Ryhlivskyy monastery .


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