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Sculpture Harry Houdini, Uzhgorod

Sculpture Harry Houdini, Uzhgorod

Mini sculpture of the famous magician and illusionist Harry Houdini is currently one of the most popular tourist destinations of Uzhhorod. The sculpture stands on a pedestal symbolically attached locks since Houdini was a master of spectacular exemptions chains and locks.

Stories Houdini sculpture

The author of this mini-creation - also known through another mini-sculptures Uzhgorod, sculptor Mikhail Kolodko.

After the grand opening of the sculpture in Uzhgorod it immediately gave Budapest - the city in which Houdini was born. But after a while illusionist reappeared, as if out of nowhere, in Uzhgorod. And no wonder, because Houdini - magician. After returning sculpture stands at the usual place near the hotel "Uzhgorod".

Moreover, mini-monument has already "get hold of" a few additional locks that illusionist to put on city residents. In fact, according to the authors, anyone can attach to your unresolved Houdini "lock-issue" and the magician will contribute to its solution as well as his time cleverly freed from the shackles and incredible hosts.

Harry Houdini - a prominent American magician and illusionist. Born in Budapest, but also has Ukrainian roots - his grandmother was from the village Yovrya - current Storozhnica Uzhgorod district.

How to get to Houdini sculpture in Uzhgorod

You can see the sculpture on the street. B. Khmelnitsky next to the hotel "Uzhgorod". Nearby is the transport bridge Tomas Masaryk.


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