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In Poltava, unveiled a monument to Hetman Ivan Mazepa


May 7 in Poltava to Holy Dormition Cathedral in Cathedral Square opened Ukraine`s first large-scale monument to Hetman Ivan Mazepa. Despite the rain, the solemn event came thousands of Poltava.

Arrived President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Opening postponed twice because the President plans repeatedly changed. The President noted that the monument came out better than the picture Mazepa p`yatyhryvneviy banknote, and called the opening event of the monument of national importance. Bronze statue consecrated Patriarch of Kyiv and All Rus-Ukraine Filaret.

Photo Source: unian.net.

This event followed eight years, even when ripe idea to install the monument, however, counted on the budget, but they are not enough. And the people themselves raised money for the monument. For a long time bronze Mazepa was kept in one of the art works. In 2015, he was transferred in Poltava and now finally set.

As previously reported , the sculpture weighs 2.5 tons, its height - 3.2 meters, and with a pedestal - 7 meters. We have created a monument sculptor father and son Nicholas and Nazar Bilyk, architect Victor Shevchenko.

The monument to Hetman was not without incident: May 4, someone tried to blow up the monument, throwing a grenade at night. But the damage was minor and it did not prevent open sculpture. However, there was talk that the monument will take your passport - or because of increased security measures in the area do not miss. As a result, passports are not needed, but people passed through the metal frame.

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