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In the west you can travel by train along with car


Machines and carrying special avtovahonamy. They pryyednuvatymut to train 113/114 Kharkiv - Mukachevo or 115/116 Kharkiv - Ivano-Frankivsk . Avtovahon will run in the city.

Kharkiv avtovahon consisting train depart on Friday and arrive in Lviv on Saturday. The first time the car went avomobilevoz-July 1 at 18:48 and arrived in the city the next day at 8:25. On Saturday, July 2, the train went backwards at 18:04 and arrived in Kharkiv at 8:02 on Sunday. According to this schedule will run further spetsvahon consisting trains.

Avtovahony also be a part of the train Kharkov - Odessa. The first went to the south on July 4th at 16:13. From now train with spetsvahonom vyrushatyme Mondays and Wednesdays. At the main train station South Palmyra arriving at 9:18 the next morning.

From Odessa train with cars for cars will go Tuesdays and Thursdays. Vyrushatyme the road at 15:22. In Kharkov train arriving at 8:18 the next day.

To carry the car, other than passengers tickets need to issue car in the luggage station. This can be done every day from 8:00 to 17:00. The cost depends on the weight of the machine and the distance of the route.

For more information on car transportation is available at the departure station Kharkiv, Square station, 1. You can also call: (057) 724-22-02, 724-21-23, 724-20-88.

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