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Military Museum opened in Zhytomyr


In Zhytomyr appear Military Museum in Zhytomyr Military Institute. Sergey Korolev, who will tell about the history of military affairs in Ukraine.

The museum has scheduled three main halls. In the hall of Radio can learn about the history of its development - from the first resistors, receivers, telephones with modern digital cameras, computers, mobile phones, plasma TVs and so on. D.

In the hall two wars - the Civil and World - will feature samples of weapons and uniforms, replicas of rockets, guns and other equipment, orders, medals, badges, military personals and more.

Another room is dedicated to modernity - carrying ATO. It will present current shooting weapons, mines, missiles, engineering models that took part in the fighting, talk about the events taking place today in the Donbass, the presence of Russian troops on Ukrainian territory.

Organizers are interested in replenishing the museum and museum are pleased to work with people who can provide things for exposure.

Military tourism is very popular in the world, many different military museums is in Ukraine. For example, in Kiev can visit:

In Odessa,


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