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Amazing art of enamel gives Dnepropetrovsk


"If durable bronze sculpture, the painting on enamel eternal" - wrote the legendary Leonardo da Vinci. Enamel well familiar to us, we see it on the dishes and baths. But this household enamel, which is produced on an industrial scale. And then there are enamel art. Ukraine`s first art museum opened in Dnipropetrovsk enamel.

The exhibition, which occupies two floors, features more than 200 works by artists of enamel Ukraine, Czech Republic, France, Japan and China. It works 19-20 centuries and contemporary works: paintings, compositions, decorative tableware, vases. Different schools enamel art tell of enamel and its variations. Adjacent to the museum is the art of enamel workshop, held workshops that gather artists from different countries.

Engineering work of art enamel - not an easy painstaking exercise. First you need to polish the surface of the copper plate, then paint it with unusual colors liquid glass, burn in a special oven at about 900 degrees Celsius. Masterpieces of enamel are very durable, resistant to temperature extremes.

In the Soviet period because of the large enamel art material costs not welcomed, it was considered bourgeois. The development of this direction of modern art in Ukraine is largely associated with the name of the artist Alexander Beard and his disciples. Cost of small enamel contemporary artist begins by thousands of dollars.

Fits enamel art museum in the building of the Museum of Ukrainian painting outdoors Red Square, 5th.

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