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Do reconstructed castle Popov in Vasilevka?


For the restoration of the castle Popov in Vasilevka of Zaporizhia region, according to the Department of Culture of Zaporizhia regional administration takes approximately 30-40 million. Then for five years can make all necessary work.

To understand the exact cost of the restoration, attract patrons need estimates. Regional State Administration appealed to the deputies of the regional council with a request to allocate 4 million USD for documentation. However, at the session of Zaporizhzhya regional council refused to consider the issue, arguing that the money in this documentation are allocated, but three years of work has been done was not.

The old manor meanwhile continues to deteriorate. In the emergency of the complex can not conduct tours suitable places for tourists is getting smaller. So you need to hurry to see the castle.

Popov Castle - ancestral estates of the nobility Popov. Massive brick building that resembles a medieval European castles, was built in the second half of the 19th century and became one of the largest castles in Eastern Europe.

Since that time, a significant portion of the former beauty dismantled for building materials. But survived several outbuildings, one of the towers, walls with battlements, stables ... In 1993, the palace created historical and ethnographic museum exhibits devoted part of his castle.

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