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Kherson became the epicenter of the first biker entertainment

Kherson became the epicenter of the first biker entertainment

Such a massive influx of fans of motorcycles solar Tavrii never had: May 18, 2013 in Kherson arrived more than 200 bikers from 15 cities of Ukraine. They all took part in the opening of the festival "Baykerskі Rozvagi" in the context of the first official start of bike season in the area. 

The event started early in the morning on one of the squares of Kherson - the participants gathered in order to be sanctified cleric Ekaterinenskaya Cathedral Archpriest Paul. At the same time, each person had the opportunity to purchase a commemorative, exclusive products with the logos of the festival, which looked bright in the ongoing event. Then the impressive size column biker went through the streets of the Eternal Flame Kherson with the aim to lay flowers in memory of our fathers and grandfathers who defended their homeland. 

The main part of the festival program, without a doubt, was the performance of virtuoso stunt motorcycling. Things continued in the center of the living history and reconstruction "Oleshye" event where participants got acquainted with life of medieval Russia and gained access to the competition and entertainment. Genuine excitement caused racy biker fun "Best motorcycle design", "The loudest exhaust", "Best bike alteration", "Beer Season", "Miss Biker Things" and many others. Musical Drive parallel with competitions provided favorite teams in similar circles «Versus», «Scythians», «GRIMKO», «Krigolam», «Bridges» and «Jansen Kukansen". 

The final point of the first official opening of the biker season in Kherson was colorful fire show and fireworks. However, after the events were still a lot of communication and cheerful emotion. Each of the participants agreed that the festival "Baykerskі Rozvagi" must necessarily become a tradition! 

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Date: 15 May 2013
Held in Kherson 20-th time, the race this time became an international, since besides Ukrainians competed in her crews from Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.
Date: 13 May 2013
The mayor of Feodosia Alexander Bartenev presented reporters the new museum project. On the basis of the architectural monument of national importance Stamboli Villas in late April opens Museum of Underwater Archaeology.
Date: 10 May 2013
Weekend tours - this new offer, from which this year started the season in the Crimea. While on the peninsula no influx of tourists, so the locals travel agencies offer to spend your weekend.

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